Elworth Pre-School Group is a registered charity run by a committee made up of volunteers. The committee is made up of a chairperson, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and other general committee members. Each person is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the autumn term by parents and carers. Without committee members the Pre-School would be unable to function and would have to close so it is vitally important that as many parents and carers volunteer to attend the AGM and stand for the committee.

The committee meets once a month to make decisions on employing new members of staff, pay reviews for staff, fundraising activities and purchasing new equipment, etc.


Although the Pre-School receives funding both from children’s fees and from the local government in terms of educational grants, this money is used to pay staff wages, rent and insurance. All other costs including snacks, outings and new equipment have to be met by the fundraising efforts of the committee.

We hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year including sponsored teddy treks, spring fairs and social evenings. All of these activities require a lot of preparation to organise and it is therefore greatly appreciated when parents and carers attend these events whenever possible.